Who's running this?

The site is hosted and run by Bastian Greshake Tzovaras. When he is not diving in the data of Twitter archives he is tweeting himself at @gedankenstuecke, busy as Director of Research of Open Humans and co-founder of openSNP.

If you want to be in touch with Bastian you can reach him at bastian@openhumans.org

You did this all alone?

Good point. I really didn't. There were people who directly and indirectly helped in making them. Because of this Thanks go to:

Madeleine Price Ball, Executive Director of Open Humans, helped with implementing the file-upload code that pushes the uploaded data to Open Humans.

Much of the map-based JavaScript stuff that is implemented here are remnants of a great workshop that Joey Lee gave at Mozfest 2016!

You missed a cool visualization!

I'm pretty sure that I missed something cool that could be done with Twitter Archives. You can always let me know what I missed. But even better: This whole thing is open source. So you can open an issue on GitHub (thanks for that) or even directly contribute a pull request that adds the data visualization that you're missing!

Even better: If you have a great idea that would substantially extend the TwArχiv you can even be paid for doing so: Open Humans offers grants of $5,000 for the creation of projects. What I personally would love to see: Doing a Tweet-based sentiment analysis over time!


Will my Twitter archive be public if I use TwArχiv?

The short answer: No. TwArχiv uses Open Humans to store the data. By default Open Humans will not make your data publicly available and will not share the data with anyone.

Having said this: Open Humans gives you the option to make your data publicly available. To do this you can head over to Open Humans. On the page you will find the option to make your data fully public.

Will my visualizations that TwArχiv generates be public?

The same short answer: No. By default no one but you can access the graphs you see after your login. But if you want to share them with your closest 3,000 friends on Twitter you can do so. Just head to your settings and they are publicly available.

If you do this, your graphs will be public visualizations right here on the website. You can also choose to make the graphs private again at any point later on. Making your graphs on TwArχiv public or private does not relate to your Archive sharing settings on Open Humans.

Why does TwArχiv not generate my graphs?!

Reading in all of your archive might take a while, depending on how prolific a Twitter user you are. Bastian's archive contains around 100,000 tweets and it easily takes some ~15 minutes to read in all that data and generate the graphs. Just have some patience and come back after sending some more tweets.

I waited like, a really long time. But there are still no graphs!

Sometimes things go wrong when reading in the files, sorry for that (also, did you follow the instructions to the letter?). If you suspect that this is the case please head to your settings and trigger a reprocessing of your data.

That didn't help either? Please email Bastian and you can jointly investigate what's going on.

I tweeted a lot since the data upload. Can I update my data?

Absolutely. If you want to update your archive for a newer version you can just head to your settings and upload a newer copy. We will automatically delete the old files and replace everything with newer copies.