Where have I been tweeting?

Tweets come with a lot of metadata these days. Amongst the most powerful and/or interesting kinds is the location data that many of us attach to our tweets. Twitter and Third-party Twitter clients allow the use of exact latitude/longitude for the location-data that is being associated with tweets. Thanks to this a Twitter archive can give a good overview of where all those tweets have been sent from. Be it tweets from our sofa, out of the office or while traveling and posting the holiday snapshots.

This map visualizes all tweets out of the Twitter archive that have a latitude and longitude attached to them. It converts them into a simple heatmap. Regions with many tweets are shown in red, while regions with less tweets are given in blue. The exact scale depends on the zoom level. Zoom in to see exactly where you sent all these posts from. Can you identify the main places you post from?

Tweet locations over time

Not all tweets come with geo locations enabled. But all geotagged tweets come with a time stamp of when they have been posted. This allows us to add another dimension to these maps: The time when they were posted, enabling us to have a movie that can serve as a proxy of movement across the globe.

Instead of converting the geotagged tweets into a heatmap, this map shows the movement profile by turning a Twitter archive into an interactive map visualization. Press play to start the movement. Each geotagged tweet will appear as a pink blip on the map on the day it was posted. To make them more visible each tweet will stay on the map for 28 days.