Welcome to the TwArχiv.

Upload your Twitter archive to Open Humans and we will analyze it so that you can learn about your tweet behaviour.

How it works

  1. Request your Twitter archive from the Twitter website
    Visit the Twitter data page and enter your password to request your data. Generating the data will take Twitter some time. Once it is ready you will get an email from Twitter with a link where you can download the data.
  2. Log in or create an Open Humans account
    You can upload your Twitter archive into this account once Twitter has created it.
  3. Authorize the TwArχiv in Open Humans
    This authorizes us to deposit your archive into your Open Humans account.
  4. Extract your Tweets from the archive
    Open the zipped archive file that you downloaded from Twitter and extract the tweet.js file from it.
  5. Upload your tweets.
    You will be redirected back to the TwArχiv and can then upload your archive data. You'll be able to access & manage your data on Open Humans.
Get started / Login


Can I see an example of what I'll get?

You bet you can! Head to our already public visualizations to see how the archives of other users have been visualized. You will get a general analysis of your tweet behavior, a breakdown of your interactions over time as well as maps that show from where you tweet.

Will my archive data be public?

The short answer: No. The longer answer: No, unless you decide that you want to make this data public. If that is the case then you can head over to Open Humans. and make the full archive data publicly available.

Will my visualizations be publicly available?

The same short answer: No. The longer answer: No, unless you decide that you want to make this data public. If you do so, the graphs will be public visualizations right here on the website. You will also get URLs that allow you to share the visualizations with others.

You can also choose to make the graphs private again at any point later on. By the way: You can make your graphs publicly available without publicly sharing your full archive.